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3B: Pashupatinath

In Betweens: Reflections from Annapurna We descend from the Stupa amidst golden statues of the Buddha, ribbons of prayer flags, and tourists. Monkeys swing in trees and dig through garbage on both sides of the trail as we maneuver through the crowds returning to our taxi. Many of the pilgrims ascending past us heading toward … Continue reading 3B: Pashupatinath

Who Do We Choose To Be, Part 3: Restoring Sanity

It is a bizarre world now, and it seems to get more insane, polarized, aggressive and anxiety-provoking every day. Nova Scotians are burning indigenous fisheries, the Government of Alberta is attacking health care structures amid a pandemic, and the US election is a dumpster fire that may end in a non-peaceful transition of power. Wheatley’s … Continue reading Who Do We Choose To Be, Part 3: Restoring Sanity

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